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Are You Struggling To Understand SEO? Introducing My No-Nonsense 3-Step SEO Method To Get Your Affiliate Website Off The Ground & Onto Google's First Page

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Do you know someone who can start any kind of venture and immediately profit from it, somehow turning everything they touch into gold?

It just seems like they CAN’T fail, right?

I know a few people like that, and for awhile, it drove me CRAZY.

With affiliate marketing, most of the time, it’s a game of patience.

You choose a great prduct or service, build a solid page, write the content you know will help with ranking, then you wait.

And wait…

And wait…

And wait…

But, during this time, a fellow marketer built a page that wasn’t nearly as good as yours, with a mediocre product, and his page has literally taken off like a rocket to outer space, making him handfuls of money

What gives?

I’ll let you in on exactly “what gives”... It’s your organic rankings.

You most likely knew that free organic traffic was extremely important, but do you know how to fix it?

Do you know how to write your content so you don’t ever have to fix it?

That’s where the real money is made.

As I looked around the internet at the courses that were out there, I quickly realized that people were overcomplicating this whole SEO thing. I taught myself how to do it over the course of many years, so I know what works and what doesn’t.

I learned it the hard way… Old school trial and error.

This gives me a unique position to speak from because I’ve been doing this for years, testing numerous tactics, adjusting with failures, succeeding over time.

Do you really need another guide, leaving you with instructions on what to do but no explanation as to why you are doing it?

That’s like learning how to kick a soccer ball but not knowing any of the rules of the game, it won’t end well for you.

I want to make it known that this is no “SEO hack,” this will take time and it will take work.

You can look up numerous guides on “hacking Google” if you want to go that route. Due to the extreme repercussions, I wouldn’t recommend it.

You’ll be learning the real process to earning a first page rank on Google.

Here are some metrics from a few of my websites, showing the kind of traffic possibilities I’m talking about if you simply put in the work and use my step-by-step process…

These results are something that is very achievable, don’t let yourself think these are some crazy numbers, this is completely doable. If you are new to the SEO scene, this is not that uncommon.

My 3 Step Process

In order to combat the common confusion with learning SEO, I created my own 3 step process that is so easy, beginners leave this course feeling fully equipped to battle the SEO monster.

This course is what I would have asked for, over 6 years ago, when I started this whole journey...

Over 6 years of research and failures could have been taught to me in about 6 hours, had someone known what they were talking about...

Lucky for you, I am saving you from going through the same process I endured.

Here’s the simple process I wish I could go back and tell myself 6 years ago...

The 3 Steps Revealed In This Course

Step 1: How to Understand Keywords, Once and for All

Keywords are the genesis of every successful SEO campaign yet sadly, they are commonly over-complicated by instructors. This is quite literally the first thing you need to learn.

“You need to do keyword research.”

Yes, we all know this, but not many do it. The simple reason is not many know how to do the research.

Not only will I give you my exact process for keyword research, I will show you my entire keyword discovery process as well, including how I pick and choose which ones will actually be profitable.

Here’s the catch with keywords...

Not all keywords are worth going after.

If you start out with the wrong keywords, then I can assure you that in 6 months or less, even if you did "everything right" you are still not going to see results.

One of the most frustrating things in SEO is the fact that you can do everything right but if one part of the puzzle is missing, then your website won’t be anywhere near a first page rank.

I help you avoid all of those possible errors.

For every given niche and industry out there; there are keywords that work, and keywords that don't.

Understanding the differences between the two could literally mean the difference between 10 visitors per day or 1,000+ visitors per day.

Step 2: How to Write Content that Skyrockets Your Traffic

You do want traffic, right?

You don't need to be an SEO expert to understand that anything on page 2 and beyond is not going to bring in the results you're after, if any at all.

I hate to say this, but all of that time you spent writing that massive 3,500 word “ultimate guide,” was probably wasted.

You remember our friend from the introduction, the guy who can turn anything he touches into gold? Well, he just wrote a 900 word article in 20 minutes on the same topic as you. His article is total trash compared to yours, but he’s on the first page of Google, he’s making money.

Just like with keywords, there's a right way and a wrong way you should create content for that first page rank you need.

I will reveal to you exactly how I craft my articles, which words I use, how I use them, and where they should be on the page.

This is the stuff that no one else is teaching… The WHY you are doing it.

I don’t want you to copy everything I do, I want you to learn and become better without the years and years of frustration.

Think of it like you are getting a firsthand look, over my shoulder, as I write my own content, I won’t be holding anything back.

This is why it's important for you to know what type of content Google wants (and doesn't want) to rank, how to structure your content for SEO, and also how to give it the best possible chance of ranking (even if you are competing against massive authority websites).

Step 3: How to Optimize Your Content to Multiply Your Current Results

I'm going to let you in on a little secret...

The secret to more traffic is not always more content.

Following the "just publish great content" mantra can work, but you'd be missing out on about 90% more potential traffic, and you’d be working a hell of a lot harder than you need to!

In the past 6 months, the methods outlined in part 3 alone has provided me so much value, I could sell this as a standalone course...

So, how did I accomplish this? Let me ask you a question first...

Have you realized how every really good affiliate marketer always manages to make their niche websites a major success?

The secret here is not really much of a secret at all...

These guys know how to get free organic, high quality traffic on an extremely consistent basis.

That's it. That's all there is to it - once you have the traffic, making money is the easy part.

That is what this course is going to teach you how to do.

“The information outlined in step 3 alone was worth 10x the price of this course. Chris explains how to take existing content and make it rank much, much higher by using very simple research methods and applying those to your current pages. I would recommend this course based on this section alone.”

-Nick Yates @iamnickyates

What Makes "Affiliate SEO Mastery" Different Than Other Courses?

You’re probably thinking, “Chris, I can just Google this and figure it out myself!

Yes, you absolutely could, just like I did for over 6 years. That is entirely your call. It comes down to how much you value your personal time, you could spend over 6 years researching, or you could take one, simple course and instantly learn the step-by-step method I discovered.

You may also be thinking, “Chris, what about this course over here for $15? Why would I pay more for yours?”

Let’s talk about what’s different with the Affiliate SEO Mastery course…

  • First off, this course doesn’t end… Huh? Yes, you read that right, this course will be growing as we grow, together. The more I learn, the more I add. You will literally be gaining the same knowledge as I do as I test more SEO related things with my websites. I will also be adding numerous bonuses
  • The best way to choose your niche for SEO purposes, and how I do it for all of my websites (this one thing is worth the price of the course alone)
  • Learn the 7 FREE methods I use to research keywords before I ever get started, this is crucial to your website’s success
  • I teach you the exact way I write content that makes my pages jump from page 25 to page 1
  • Once you’ve got a trickle of traffic, I’ll show you how to turn that into a waterfall of organic leads, don’t forget leads = $$$
  • I’ll show you how to join the roughly 4% of affiliate marketers who make a living from this type of work
  • You’ll learn the one simple metric I use to skyrocket my results. Don’t worry about everything you see on Google analytics, most statistics are useless
  • What’s the deal with domain authority and page rank? I’ll give you the only things you need to know about both (hint: it isn’t that scary after all)
  • Should you be adding backlinks? I wrote an entire section specifically about this
  • White hat and Black hat SEO: the mysterious terms you’ve heard of but never understood… And how to effectively use them
  • The worst possible SEO issue, and exactly how I make sure it never happens on my websites
  • Google webmaster and how to use it to your personal advantage
  • How to optimize external links, get others to do the ranking work for you.

Now, that should give you a pretty good idea of what you’ll be getting, but if that wasn’t enough, let’s take a look at the exact curriculum.

Course Curriculum

"SEO Mastery was a great comprehensive course on search engine optimization. Even after 8 years running my own affiliate websites, I was able to pick up some new strategies I had never considered before."

Nathaniell Brenes - One More Cup Of Coffee

Who Shouldn’t Take This Course

I was raised an honest man, so I want to give a fair warning to anyone who is considering this course…

First, as I’ve said before, if you are looking for a “get rich quick” type of course, or an “SEO hack,” you can go ahead and click out of this page now, this is not your course.

Second, if you are looking to cruise through this and put in minimal effort then reap the rewards of recurring affiliate money, this course is not for you. This will happen eventually but you’ve got to put in a good amount of work in the beginning.

Remember: I give you the exact steps you have to do though, it isn’t going to be a course that gives you a few principles of SEO and says, “good luck!” I am giving you exactly what you need to do.

This course is not for someone who is not disciplined. If you are not 100% decided on doing this, don’t bother. I want you to dive into this course, not dip your toes. I don’t want you to waste your money if there’s a chance you won’t implement my ideas.

If you are ready… Here’s what your journey will look like:

  • Before anything else, you will go through the entire course first
  • Remember: you need to know WHY you're doing certain things
  • Then once you complete the course (bonus material included), you’ll go back to lesson 1 and begin again
  • You're going to pick your niche (if you haven't already), I will walk you through the exact methods you need to research and make a decision
  • You're going to do your keyword research with the 7 free methods I share with you
  • You’re going to start publishing content with specific keywords strategically placed
  • You’ll do that a few times, always improving on the last article
  • You will then start seeing some traffic coming in - not much, but it's a good sign
  • You're going to go back to the Step 3 and find out how to utilize those tactics to 10X your website
  • Suddenly there's traffic coming in (plus a few sales here and there too)
  • All of a sudden, you realize you can do this and it will actually work
  • You start another niche site (probably) knowing exactly what to do,
  • This one also becomes profitable, you begin to feel that you have been equipped with the needed skills to do this again and again
  • Well done, you are well on your way to joining the 4% of affiliates that make it
  • Your family is proud
  • Life is good
  • You tell your buddies about this course, maybe leave me an awesome review, and we are all buddies :)

Not so fast, “Affiliate pro...” This is all sunshine and rainbows right now, but there will be A LOT of ups and downs, trust me, I’ve been through most of them myself.

That’s what I’m here for, though, as a student of my course, you can reach out to me and discuss ideas, concerns, and successes you have. I want to hear it all.

Now that you’ve decided you want to learn the real methods of SEO mastery, you’ve only got one thing left to do and that’s take course and start implementing...

“I thought I knew enough about SEO, but I wasn’t getting the results I was looking for. Along came Affiliate SEO Mastery. Chris provides you with actionable steps that you can take right NOW to start getting your posts ranking - and then to keep them ranking long after they’re written.”

Christina Piccoli -

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is This An Affiliate Marketing Course?
Since I apply these SEO methods to my affiliate marketing business, the strategies I share in this course are optimized for affiliate marketing. However, above all else, this is an SEO course, and NOT a guide to making money with affiliate marketing.
What Will I Learn In This Course?
In this course, I will give you a 3-step formula you can use that will allow you to understand in a very simple and direct manner how to create a long-lasting, ever-growing and CONSTANT flow of free organic traffic for your "affiliate marketing" website.
Is This Course Only For Affiliate Niche Websites?
No it isn't. While I these methods were created purely with affiliate marketing in mind, these strategies can most definitely work for other forms of online businesses such as e-commerce websites, freelance copywriting, personal branding and even for local businesses. The principles will work the same, it's just the course follows the affiliate marketing niche site route.

Christian, congrats on the awesome course! Thanks for sharing it.

You've done a great job distilling a lot of SEO knowledge and truth-bombs into actionable, bite-sized chunks.

Given me a lot to think about as I have probably made all of the major mistakes you mentioned. But I now have an action-plan to correct them and improve my sites organic traffic...I just wish I knew all this before I started!

The part about not worrying about keyword volume and concentrating instead on page 1 rankings to build authority is GOLD. Understanding why the strategy works is important and that's what I've learnt from you.

You are potentially saving people years of SEO headaches, lack of progress and even outright failure with this course.

- Sam Whelan - Affiliate Marketing Beginner


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Christian Lee

I've been doing SEO & affiliate marketing for over six years and I want to share with you the strategies I developed to finally be able to create a thriving online business. What I learned in 6 years I promise I can teach you in 6 hours.

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